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Promoting Self Love in Kids: Ocean Unisex Kurta

What makes the Ocean of Love Kurta so unique?

The Ocean of Love Unisex Kurta combines the value of mindfulness, self love along with its unique design and comfort. It is made from high-quality cotton fabric, designed with the help of a child psychologist to boost self love and instill positive values and calmness in little ones.

Why choose the Ocean of Love Unisex Kurta?

1. Unisex Design: The Ocean of Love Unisex Kurta is suitable for both boys and girls, making it a versatile choice for anyone looking to shop gender fluid clothing that can also be passed on to future generations and siblings. It's 2023, re-wearing and saving the planet from textile waste was never cooler.

2. Unique Ocean Print: The quote “I am an Ocean of Love” promotes a sense of self love, acceptance, beauty and serenity of the sea. The concept itself, Ocean of Love,  instills a sense of abundance in children.

3. Calming colors: Ocean Kurta entails multiple shades of blue signifying calmness, peace and relaxation, helping an overwhelmed child to feel calmer.

4. Comfortable Fabric: Made from soft and breathable organic cotton. It is a perfect outfit for casual outings.


Experience the Ocean of Love Unisex Kurta

Are you ready to gift your little one a symbol of mindfulness and self love?  Experience the beauty of sustainable and conscious lifestyle with See Sow. Click here to purchase your very own Ocean of Love Unisex Kurta and join us in this journey of Mindfulness and positive parenting.

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