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Our Team

Komal Chhabria

Director of Operations and Finance

Introducing our Creative Director and Co-founder, Komal Chhabria – the creative powerhouse behind our brand. With a fantastic blend of design flair, trend fusion, and a keen eye for aesthetics, Komal carries a bag full of top-notch skills and meticulous attention to detail. Drawing from her valuable experience in distinct companies, she brings a wealth of knowledge and a deep understanding of market needs to the table. Komal's work reflects not just her calm demeanour but also her intense imagination, making her the precision bee of our hive! Get ready to be wowed by the magic she weaves into every design – where trends meet precision, and creativity takes flight!

Bhumika Keswani

Director of Business Development and Strategy

Meet Bhumika Keswani, our Impact Director and Co-Founder, leading the charge for slow and sustainable living. With a background in apparel design, Bhumika brings practical knowledge of garments and a passion for eco-friendly fashion. Fun fact: she's currently studying to become a design strategist, adding an extra layer of strategic creativity to our mix. She's our go-to for thoughtful and sustainable designs. Known as the research bug, Bhumika's keen ideation and in-depth research make her an invaluable part of our team. Join us in celebrating Bhumika's commitment to making a positive impact through mindful and sustainable fashion choices.

Itisha Agarwal

Director of Sales and Marketing

Introducing Itisha Agarwal, our Visionary Director and Co-founder. Brimming with a passion for mindfulness and meditation, Itisha weaves these principles into the fabric of her daily life, shaping her unique perspective. Her fine creative approach extends across diverse realms, encompassing an array of lifestyle products. Beyond her creative prowess, Itisha is a marketing maestro, skillfully navigating the ever-evolving landscape with finesse. An avid reader with an exceptional flair for copywriting. We affectionately refer to her as the practical fly, symbolizing the down-to-earth pragmatism she brings to our insightful endeavors. Join us in celebrating Itisha's holistic approach, as she guides our journey with keen insight and unwavering creativity.

Sharan Taneja

Expert Behind Collection - The Outdoors

Sharan Taneja, is a holistic Transformational Coach, Transpersonal Regression Therapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Master Healer and Counselor with an extensive experience of more than 2 decades with working with children and parents. A multi faceted personality, she has worked in various capacities in a plethora of projects. She has a wide experience of counseling extensively on behavioral and relationship issues, emotional, physical and mental wellbeing of people. She enables individuals to look through and work on their blocks and limiting belief systems and patterns to set themselves free and be empowered to achieve uncharted zones of success, well being and happiness. She has been a mentor in each and every step. Her involvement and guidance with the designs, colors and patterns in each of the products has been keeping the developmental landmarks and learning parameters specific to the corresponding age group and ensured inclusivity of color psychology, art therapy and meditative craft activities and practices which are effective for kids of age 3-8 years.

Ankita Joshi

Expert Behind Collection - Self Love Squad

Ankita Joshi, is a consultant and clinical psychologist. Co-founder of an agency that works with mental health issues. She was recently featured in Deepika Padukone's live-love-laugh foundation. Her expertise in self love, self awareness and mindfulness in the day to day life of an individual has resulted in a holistically evolved and meaningful collection of garments and products that exude positivity, calmness and encourage self adoration in kids.