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The Power of Mindful and Positive Parenting: through conscious fashion!

Embrace the power of conscious parenting and watch your children flourish with love and emotional intelligence

What is Conscious Parenting?
Looking for a more mindful approach to raising kids? Dive into the world of conscious parenting and explore the endless possibilities of fostering a loving and nurturing child.

Conscious Parenting is an effective style chosen by the parents to up-bring their child who is capable of promoting the well-being of one’s own self and others, taking the right decisions and being emotionally intelligent. This parenting style can enhance your bond with your children and create a harmonious family dynamic. 

How to practice Conscious Parenting?
Embrace your unique parent-child relationship and find your own path to conscious parenting. Remember, there's no "right way," only what works for you and your child.

  1. Listen to your child 
  2. Accept things as they are
  3. Address their emotions 
  4. Encourage mindfulness
  5. Invigorate emotional intelligence

Parenting is all about finding what works for your family. Don't be afraid to experiment, adapt, and create your own blueprint for raising happy and healthy children!

What is Conscious Shopping?
Parents spend a lot of their time googling what kind of products to buy for their little ones. After realizing the environmental impacts, more and more individuals are driven to make conscious and socially responsible decisions for themselves as well as their children. 
You can transform your shopping experience into a meaningful journey by supporting brands that prioritize sustainability, human rights, and social responsibility. Every choice we make can inspire change! 

What is Conscious Fashion?
There are many sustainable clothing options available for toddlers, including organic cotton, bamboo, and wool. These materials are all environmentally friendly and will help to keep your child comfortable and stylish. 

Unlock the potential in your toddlers with See Sow's innovative clothing solution! Let their imagination soar and watch them blossom into curious and confident learners as they wear our garments. 

See Sow’s Uniqueness

  1. Natural Fibers : See Sow sources the best natural fabrics from the farms of India. The fabrics are best suitable for kid’s skin and  planet Earth.
  2. Mindful tools : It offers to sow impactful seeds of mindfulness into the young minds by introducing them to self awareness, self love, self worth etc. 
  3. Ethical : See Sow believes in having ethical and sustainable relationships with all the people involved in building the brand- from creators to consumers.
  4. Purposeful : The purpose is to offer meaningful garments and products for your little one’s that prioritize the values required to be imbibed during their growing years.
  5. Conscious : The company chooses raw materials and packaging very consciously and make sure of low impact dyeing, printing, fair trade.
  6. Gender Neutral : See Sow offers an exclusive range of unisex garments which is easy to pass on.
  7. Interactivity : See Sow is dedicated to providing apparel that’s fun, engaging and interactive for your kids. They also help develop better motor skills and balance left - right brain activity.
  8. Expert Backing : The garments are designed with great attention to detailing, keeping color psychology, mindfulness techniques, and emotional well being and the corresponding developmental parameters under expert guidance.
  9. Colour Psychology : After meticulous research and understanding, soothing color palette was finalized by See Sow to bestow positive vibes for your child.

By prioritizing sustainability, human rights, and social responsibility, we empower ourselves to shape a brighter future with every purchase.

Wearing a See Sow garment, would benefit the child to -

- Be Present

- Be more Confident

- Be more emotionally balanced, Better EQ

- Have better bonding with the Parent

- Have enhanced Concentration and Focus

- Learn and exercise Decision making

- Trust and follow their instinct

- Be in a positive mindspace

- Recognize and regulate emotions

- Learn to be still

- Be more centered

- Be more in charge of themselves

- Be more connected to themselves and the real world.

- Be more cheerful and optimistic

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