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Is your child emotionally ready to go back to school?

After a vacation full of play, pampering, and fun, it’s almost time for children to head back to school. Kids feel various kinds of emotions before going back to school.

Different kids experience the start of a new school year in various ways. While some may anticipate the opportunity to make new friends and reunite with beloved classmates and teachers, others might be apprehensive or concerned about the changes in their school environment, classroom, friends, or teachers. Furthermore, some children might simply feel a tinge of sadness as the holiday season comes to an end.

“Change begins at the end of your comfort zone”
Roy T. Bennett
learning kids

If you are also a parent facing the hard emotions of your kid for going back to school, then we have some useful tips to help you prepare the little one to embrace this change and joyfully await to start this new year of school.

          1. Set-up the regular school time routine: Help your child readjust to school schedules by gradually reestablishing consistent bedtime and mealtime routines. After a relaxed vacation period with different eating and sleeping patterns, starting this transition a week in advance will help in a smoother adjustment.

          2. Communicate the positive aspects of school: Children often grasp concepts better when given relatable examples. We as adults and also our little ones usually face a hard time in expressing our fear. Encourage them to talk about their feelings and listen attentively, boosting their confidence.

          3. Give fun tasks: Activities like making a jar with notes of fun activities for your little one to pick and put it into action. You can write activities like Read one page of any book, dress up like your favorite cartoon character, pick objects from nature, make a list of things to do in school, make a greeting card for their new class teacher etc.

          4. Shop items to be taken to school: Shopping new items for school is a fun way to excite the kids to go back to school. Choosing their new bags, water bottle, stationery will help boost their confidence and double their excitement to use the new items.

          5. Give them a tour at school: To ease the transition for your child starting a new school or attending school for the first time, consider giving them a tour of the school a day before. Take the opportunity to discuss their upcoming journey and introduce them to the teachers and staff. By familiarizing them with the environment and the people they will interact with, you can help your child feel more comfortable and alleviate any negative emotions they may have.

School is the place where kids draw the majority of their learning from. It indeed contributes in making some of the finest memories of their lives. Hence it becomes more than important for them to begin it right, with the positive and healthy emotions in order for a future so bright!

Share your comments on how your kid is feeling with the thought of going back to school?!

You can also message us to get connected with our child psychologist on board.

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