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Inculcating Self Love in kids

Step into our world where mindful clothing intertwines with ethical decisions:

Prepare to be enchanted by the exquisite journey of See Sow, as we weave together the threads of mindful clothing and ethical decisions. Let’s delve deep into the beautiful tapestry we create, empowering your child to make conscious choices that keep both fashion and our planet blooming. 

Spread Positivity and Self-Love with clothes:

See Sow garments offer to enrich the experience of childhood for kids. Encouraging them to  explore themselves and the world around, understand emotions, appreciate life, little things around them and have a sound foundation to their well being in adulthood. 

Self-love is teaching them to take care of themselves, believing in yourself, to be sure of yourself. When kids learn to love and accept themselves, they’re less likely to let negative comments or experiences bring them down. They identify the uncomfortable emotions and actions and set healthy boundaries. Imbibing this super valuable life skill in kids from a younger age helps them in making healthy decisions, Dealing with setbacks and growing into strong and healthy individuals with a strong mental health foundation.


How can you start practicing Self Love with kids?

See Sow’s mental health expert encourages parents to give these values of conscious living to their kids since childhood. To try and identify the negatives and boost the positives. Here are some important points to make this easier for you:

  1. Start with kindness: Help your child learn to be gentle with themselves by reminding them that everyone makes mistakes and it's okay to not be perfect. Encourage them to give themselves credit for trying their best!
  2. Compliment their strengths: Identify the strengths of your little one and then encourage them to keep practicing and building on those skills. This can give them a boost of confidence and make them feel awesome about themselves.
  3. Self-care: Kids learn real quick by observing actions. Show your child that taking care of yourself is important by modeling healthy habits like eating well and getting enough sleep. Encourage them to do things they enjoy and take time to relax and recharge.
  4. Say no: Let your kid know that it's okay to say no when they don't want to do something which is making them feel uncomfortable. This also gives them the liberty to decide for themselves. This can help them develop a strong sense of self-worth and make them feel empowered to live up to their expectations.


Making Conscious and Eco-friendly decisions:

Parents today are more than ever aware and conscious towards what they choose for their children, from major things to clothing - selecting the fabrics, prints etc. keeping comfort and style both in mind. See Sow is a step forward to offering conscious clothing options for kids, aged 3 to 8 where all these have been kept in mind.

Curious on how you can be conscious in your decisions for your kids? 

Planet - Environment Impact:

See sow has been purposeful and conscious as a brand all throughout its journey from sourcing to the shipping, each step in the product’s journey has been planned to create the least possible harmful environmental impact.

By choosing conscious brands like See Sow you consciously and subconsciously model the behavior of making informed decisions for your kids.

1. Sourcing:

  • Part of our collection is made from recycled pre-consumer waste
  • Made from 100% plant-based, renewable materials              
  • Materials harvested or collected from a sustainably managed source
  • Made from organic certified materials or ingredients


2. Fabric Printing:

Fabrics are printed with an eco-friendly digital printing procedure that uses 90% less water than regular digital printing methods.

Screen printing has been done with azo free dyes and pigments that do not harm the environment or the skin of the wearer.

3. Packaging to minimize environmental impact:

  • Plant-based ink   
  • Made from recycled cardboard boxes                           
  • Made from biodegradable renewable materials          






4. Environmentally responsible supplies :

  • Office paper and office supplies made from recycled materials
  • No disposable plastic shopping bags
  • No plastic drinking straws
  • No disposable plastic water bottles at any facilities or events
  • Washable and reusable cups, dishes and cutlery
  • Air dryers, cloth towels, or cloth napkins to reduce paper towel and napkin waste


All in all, our purpose is to introduce and promote values like self love, self confidence, gratitude, emotional regulation, increased focus and so on through the practice of mindfulness that can be inculcated from the garments at See Sow. A one-stop shop for conscious gifting! Explore our child-centered and environment-friendly options, including eco-friendly gifts and uplifting affirmation badges.

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