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The importance of natural and sustainable fabrics for kids

Being a parent to a little one brings immense joy to your family. So are the new responsibilities as they grow up. There are a few things every parent wants for their kids: safety, security, and the ability to grow up in a better world.

Providing them with comfortable clothes that are safe for their skin is just a  start, but it’s even better when these clothes are produced in a way that better supports the planet and the people on it.  At See Sow we use  organic fabric which contributes to the improvement of our environment.

Sustainable fabric - The one stop solution

Sustainable fabric is a great option for children. 

Creating fashion using sustainable fabric means taking into consideration both humanity and the environment and reducing its environmental impact wherever possible. Our ultimate goal is to create a system that works without causing harm to the environment.

Being one of the main pillars on which our brand is built, we’d love for you to explore our concept and  store.

Sustainable clothing -  What makes it different?

When we choose sustainable fabrics, we are taking small amounts of our finite resources and using them in the most efficient and ethical way possible! We're supporting responsible practices that help protect our environment for generations to come. To be able to impart and share this knowledge with our little ones is our approach of  paving the way for a better future.

What makes us unique in our choice of fabric?

At See Sow we carefully choose our fabrics made in compliance with ethics. Our low impact and azo free dyes that are environment friendly have  fair-trade standards and sustainable packaging options.

We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.

Native Proverb


What makes sustainable fabric a better choice?

1. It does not contain any harmful chemicals

Sustainable clothing brands generally use natural materials that are eco-friendly and gentle on your child’s skin. Your little one will not be exposed to harmful chemicals or toxins when you shop consciously . Our  Blessed Bear Top  has been crafted using  eco-friendly dyes to help ensure your little one stays the happiest in their clothing

2. Provides utmost comfort to kids 

Throughout the year, organic cotton maintains optimal body temperature, making it the perfect choice for kids' clothing.The structure of organic cotton fibres provides ventilation that allows the cotton to breathe, that regulates body temperature. Additionally, it assists in retaining heat in cold temperatures. Designed with style and comfort in mind. Our Happy Hedgehogs Boys kurta makes clothing a truly enjoyable experience.

3. Sustainable Clothes are More Durable

A lot of hassle can be saved by buying durable clothes from sustainable clothing brands, like See Sow. Wash and dry them frequently without noticing any signs of wear and tear. Expect your kids' clothing to look as good as when you bought them. Our collection of clothes is designed to withstand durability without losing their shape, color or comfort.

4. Causing Less harm to the environment

Choosing eco-friendly clothing for your children shows that you value the environment. Did you know choosing sustainable clothing made from recyclable materials can be re-purposed to make another product when their life cycle has come to an end? In addition to recycled fabric we use  coconut shell buttons to replace plastic ones in an effort to reduce harmful  waste.

5. Organic clothing is safe for workers

Organic farming is a great switch in today’s agricultural world. Avoiding the use of pesticides and insecticides in turn protects our farmers from inhaling toxins. This is a part that you contribute to while you make a choice to shop organic clothing. Join us at SeeSow  as we take this step towards a greener and better future.

"The world is changed by your example, not by your opinion." - Paulo Coelho



Choose sustainable fashion always!

Parents today are more than ever aware and conscious towards what they choose for their children, from major things to clothing - selecting the fabrics, prints etc. keeping comfort and style both in mind.

See Sow is a step forward to offering conscious clothing options for kids, age - 3 to 8 years where all these have been kept in mind and in addition to that offers the kid and the ones around (other kid/s and adults) to experience in a subtle but sure way the benefits of mindful and conscious clothing. 

Choosing mindfully and consciously is always a fashionable choice.

Explore our sustainable wardrobe basics, designs that are purposeful, with a great deal of learning and fun for your little ones.




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