Our Uniqueness

We are dedicated to providing apparel that’s fun, engaging and interactive for your kids. They also help develop better motor skills and balance left - right brain activity.

We choose our raw materials and packaging very consciously and make sure of low impact dyeing, printing, fair trade.


Our purpose is to offer meaningful garments and products for your little one’s that prioritize the values required to be imbibed during their growing years. 


 We offer an exclusive range of unisex garments which  are easy to pass on. 


We source the best natural fabrics from the farms of India. Our fabrics are best suitable for kid’s skin and our planet Earth. 


Our garments are designed with great attention to detail. Keeping color psychology, mindfulness techniques, emotional well being and the corresponding developmental parameters under expert guidance.


Colour Psychology

After meticulous research and understanding, we finalize a cheerful and soothing color palette to bestow positive vibes for your child.

Mindful tools

We offer to sow impactful seeds of mindfulness into the young minds by introducing them to self awareness, self love, self worth etc.


We believe in having ethical and sustainable relationships with all the people involved in building the brand- from creators to consumers.