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Indoor activities for kids - Summer Vacation Edition

Summer vacation is a time of freedom and fun for kids, but sometimes, the weather or circumstances might keep them indoors. However, that doesn't mean the excitement has to stop! In fact, there are numerous sustainable activities that children can enjoy while staying indoors, ensuring both entertainment and environmental responsibility. Let's explore some engaging and eco-friendly ideas for kids to have a memorable indoor summer break.

1. Up-cycled Fashion Show

Gather old clothes, fabric scraps, and accessories for a fun fashion show. Kids can mix and match items to create new outfits and showcase their creativity on a makeshift runway. This activity promotes resourcefulness and highlights the potential for upcycling clothing instead of constantly buying new garments.


See Sow promotes upcycling and your little ones can also use our interactive garments to color their emotions, complete the labyrinth or even better - TRY AND MAKE YOUR OWN SET OF CARTOON CHARACTERS OR GAME ON AN OLD SHIRT! Reuse and enjoy!!


2. DIY Crafts with Recyclable Materials

Encourage creativity by turning recyclable materials like cardboard, paper rolls, and old magazines into art projects. Kids can make greeting cards, paper mache sculptures, or even create their own board games using these materials. Not only does this foster imagination, but it also promotes the importance of reusing items rather than letting them go to waste.


Use the versatile See Sow box or any other box and use it for bird houses,  stationery holders, dioramas and much more!

3. Indoor Gardening

Create a mini indoor garden using pots, soil, and seeds. Kids can grow herbs like basil, mint, or parsley on a windowsill or in a designated area. This not only teaches them about plant care and responsibility but also allows them to enjoy the benefits of fresh herbs for cooking or making herbal teas.


4. Cooking and Baking Adventures

Engage kids in the kitchen with cooking and baking projects. Choose recipes that use locally sourced and seasonal ingredients to promote sustainability. Kids can learn about food origins, healthy eating habits, and the importance of reducing food waste by using leftovers creatively.


5. Educational Indoor Camps

Organize themed indoor camps focused on topics like environmental conservation, wildlife, or sustainability. Plan activities such as nature documentaries, eco-friendly science experiments, and discussions about reducing carbon footprint. These camps can be both informative and entertaining, fostering a sense of responsibility towards the environment.


Children can also read books that spread awareness regarding the environment or watch such movies.

6. Virtual Museum Tours and Cultural Exploration

Take advantage of online resources by embarking on virtual museum tours or exploring different cultures through videos, books, and documentaries. This not only expands children's knowledge but also promotes global awareness and appreciation for diverse perspectives.

While we prioritize offline activities for kids, it's essential to strike a balance by integrating digital solutions when necessary. This ensures a well-rounded approach that combines offline fun with the benefits of digital resources.

See Sow believes in equality and inclusivity and spreads this message via its garments. Exploring different cultures and their lifestyle would be a great value addition to the little one’s bank of knowledge!

7. DIY Natural Skincare and Beauty Products

Teach kids about the benefits of natural ingredients by creating DIY skincare and beauty products. Simple recipes using items like coconut oil, honey, and essential oils can be both fun to make and gentle on the skin. This activity encourages mindful consumption and reduces reliance on commercial products with harmful chemicals.


Be it clothes or cosmetics, See Sow is a firm supporter of chemical free products! Try and create DIY lip balms, candles or lotions that are gentle on the child’s skin just like our azo free dyes and organic cotton on your little one’s body!

8. Storytelling and Creative Writing

Encourage storytelling and creative writing sessions where kids can invent their own characters, settings, and adventures. This not only hones their language skills but also fosters imagination and empathy by exploring different perspectives and narratives.

One can easily use the See Sow affirmative cards or characters like Fufu, Sheep Family, Smiling Son from the recent collection - SAY CHEESE; to weave interesting stories and narratives. See Sow loves all nature inspired elements and what better way to host a storytelling session!


9. Board Games and Puzzles

Rediscover the joy of classic board games and puzzles that promote critical thinking, strategy, and teamwork. Opt for eco-friendly versions made from sustainable materials or encourage kids to create their own games using recycled materials.

See Sow packaging is kind towards the planet and if you happen to have the box, paper and cardboard sheet - you can conveniently color the characters and make your own games/puzzles out of it!


10. Digital Detox and Outdoor Time

Lastly, balance indoor activities with outdoor breaks whenever possible. Plan nature walks, picnics, or star-gazing sessions to connect with the natural world and appreciate its beauty. Encourage kids to observe plants, animals, and the environment, fostering a sense of wonder and stewardship.

Go on a scavenger hunt and challenge your child to find different types of leaves, stones, twigs and flowers. Let them count, match and create something wonderful out of this exploration!



Therefore, an indoor summer vacation can be a time of learning, creativity, and sustainability for kids. By engaging in eco-friendly activities, they not only have fun but also develop a deeper understanding of environmental responsibility. With a bit of imagination and resourcefulness, every day can be an adventure filled with meaningful experiences, even within the confines of home.

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